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Interview with Jenya Bolotov A facial Piercer

You have seen people around with facial piercings but Jenya Bolotov is someone very special not because he is a Piercer but his piercings are exclusive to him only. Here what I discussed with them.

Tell us about Your self?

I am from russia,  My name is Jenya, in Russia Jenya is a short name of full name as Evgenii. Jenya Bolotov or Evgenii Bolotov.

Tell me the modifications or Piercings You did on Your body.?

Jenya Evlionice

I got my piercing a very long time ago. my friend skalpeled my septum up to 6mm. my brother pierced my lower lip to 3mm and nostrils to 14ga. upper lip piercing I did myself, 14ga (1.6mm) and it was my last piercing that I made myself 8 years ago. at all other times to the present day, and only stretch those piercing itself.

What is the attitude of other people towards You as a Piercer?

Very different. on Earth are very different people and all different levels of development, so are as different perception.

Do you think you made right decision of piercing?

of course! I do not regret it ever! I love living here in this body with my piercings. this is what opens myself. it also gives me to understand my inner nature better, and also people and relationships.

Is Piercing Pain or Pleasure??

it does not hurt so much. often without pain. you wear the one size of jewelry and expect complete healing. and over time, for example, instead of 3mm, you can insert a 3.5 mm diameter jewelry. or from 15mm to 16mm .. or 50 to 52mm at a time. like a steps. Of course, if hurry, or do these steps are larger, it will be painful. Of course, after such steps, you feel pleasure from the fact that you have reached the next size.

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Have You planned any other piercings in future?

yes. 8 years after my last piercing, I’m going to do another one soon. may already be at the time of the appearance of this interview, I do not know how soon. it is also a regular piercing for stretch in the future, but I think it will not be so big.

Anything else you want to say?

I also want say, about my piercings sizes now. Lower lip is 58mm, but will be 60mm very soon time.. upper lip is 32,5mm.. septum is 34mm. And nostrils is 12mm. I will stretch this all more, but my nostrils is finished by12mm.

P.S: This Interview was done by our sister  webssite 2 years ago.


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