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Detox Yourself From Harmful Chemicals

Toxins are present everywhere no matter what you do you are always in contact with them. From food, you eat to beauty product use and the tech you use chemicals are everywhere. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates, bisphenol A and toxic flame retardants are easily absorbed into the body.

These chemicals are involved in different type of diseases which include obesity, infertility, asthma, heart disease and even cancer. Recent research has shown that chemicals found in furniture and stain resistant items cause breast cancer. In another research, it was found that every baby born is already exposed to toxic chemicals. This was proven by the examination of umbilical cords conforming pesticides, waste from burning of gasoline, garbage and burning coal.

It is impossible to completely avoid chemicals but there are few steps which you can take in order to reduce the risk of exposure.

Chemicals Are Everywhere 

Almost everyone is exposed to different kinds of chemicals but not all the chemicals are harmful. Every human has different tolerance to chemicals. It depends upon the exposure of every person that how much that person is exposed to that particular chemical. Although there are some chemicals such as DDT which have been eradicated completely. This all took place only because of awareness. So nothing is impossible you can try to reduce the number of chemicals if you know how much harmful they are. 

Adjust Your Habits

One of the most basic methods of getting rid of these toxins from the body is to drink an excess amount of water. Water is a great way to flush out the toxins. The minimum amount of water recommended for men’s per day is 3.7 letters and for women, it is 2.7 letters. Not only water you should try to eat fewer animal fats instead prefer fruits and vegetables. Because these fats enter to fat cells and toxic chemicals tend to attach to these fats and remain in the body.

Sit less sweat more

There are different ways through which toxic chemicals enter your body eating, breathing and touching are just part of them. The way out of these chemicals is also the same through digested food, breathing, and sweating. Sweating causes the stored fats to burn down which results in flushing out of those chemicals which are attached to those fats.

Eat Organic

Organic foods are the foods which are grown without any influence of pesticides and hormones or antibiotics. One study showed that when the people were given organic food and their urine was tested it was found that level of pesticide was reduced as compared to the ones who were not eating organic food at all.

Use Better And Less Synthetic Products

Chemicals don’t just get into the body through what we eat. They can come through different means like clothes you wear, the sofa you sit on, the air you breathe. Everything contains chemicals. The largest source of chemicals is found in personal care products because they are easily absorbed through the skin. So the best way to keep yourself away from these toxic chemicals is to shop smart go for those products you think which are made from natural things. It is a good habit to read the ingredient labels and look up for the ones which you know are natural.

Go For Change

It is easy to make the product without the chemicals which are harmful in the first place. So it depends on the customers to force the companies to switch to natural ways to produce the product. This is the only way through which you can reach to the roots of these chemicals. Which have entered into your life.

So keep yourself healthy and keep yourself out of the reach of these chemicals.


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