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How badly junk food can affect your body?

Junk food also called as fast food. Food is needed for our body and act as a fuel for our body. It is a food that is processed highly and has a high amount of carbohydrates, sugar, sodium salts and unhealthy fats. Fast food has a high amount of calories but has little nutrition. Mostly causes weight problems and health illnesses. Junk food includes soda, French fries, sausage sandwiches, fish and chips, bacon cheeseburger, pepperoni pizza, tuna melt, nachos, hot dog, cheesecake, chicken nuggets, taco and different salad types etc.

Now day junk foods are highly used all over the world. Some junk food also has high nutrition value such as pizza, fish and potato chips. Mostly junk food has replaced our nutritional food in our diet. Mostly children’s become addicted to this food. But they also have effects on our body. Junk food increases childhood obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and chronic diseases. Some studies have shown that they can cause brain damages. Mostly high consumption of junk food decreases the use of nutritional food. It also causes depression in teenagers, fatigue, and weakness, fluctuation in blood sugar level, the risk of kidney and liver diseases.

A study published in 2013 in JAMA Pediatrics shown that Fast-food and full-service restaurant consumption, respectively, was associated with a net increase in daily total energy intake of 126.29 kcal and 160.49 kcal for children and 309.53 kcal and 267.30 kcal for adolescents and with higher intake of regular soda (73.77 g and 88.28 g for children and 163.67 g and 107.25 g for adolescents) and sugar-sweetened beverages generally. Fast-food consumption increased intake of total fat (7.03-14.36 g), saturated fat (1.99-4.64 g), and sugar (5.71-16.24 g) for both age groups and sodium (396.28 mg) and protein (7.94 g) for adolescents.

Effects of junk food on body

Regular use of junk food leads to various effects on our body.

Focus and energy

Focus and energy are very important for children’s and women health. By eating junk food energy and concentration level decreases. Energy and focus are important for children at school age for their study and physical activities. Physical activities are important for children’s and junk food does not provide all their necessary nutrients for their activities. Lack of physical activities affects their health and mental level and exclude them from social activities.

Skin and Bones

Junk food also affects bones and skin because they are rich in carbohydrates which increase sugar level of blood and cause acne. Eating high amount of fast food it can cause eczema (inflammation and irritated patches on the skin) in children. Food that has high level of sugar results in bacterial growth in mouth produces acid that damage dental cavities and tooth enamel. Fast food contains sodium salts and increases in sodium results in osteoporosis.

Respiratory system

The increase in obesity increase the respiratory problems and treatment of these problems are much sophisticated. Children who eat fast food has high calories, carbohydrates, and fats and have less fiber, proteins and other essential nutrients that result in obesity. Obesity can cause shortness of breath, wheezing, and asthma. Eating high amount of fast food by children can result in asthma.

Children behavior

High sugar, saturated fats, sodium and unhealthy food are responsible for behavioral problems in children. When children become addictive to fast food they do not eat normal foods which change children behavior. Aggressiveness in children is also related to fast food.

Digestive and cardiovascular system

Fast food contains high amount of carbohydrates. The digestive system breaks down these carbohydrates into simple glucose and release in the bloodstream. In response to glucose, the pancreas produces insulin, which transports sugar in the body. When sugar is absorbed blood level of glucose decreases in response to that pancreas secrete another hormone called as glucagon that helps the liver to consume stored sugar. Due to these changes blood sugar level changes. High sugar level cause spikes in blood sugar and high spikes in blood sugar cause diabetes. High sodium level in body effects blood pressure.

Liver damage, increase risk of cancer and kidney diseases

Eating high amount of fast food can affect the liver. People who ate more junk food liver enzyme changes in few weeks. This process is similar to those occur in alcoholic abused people. Consuming high amount of fast food results in a lack of fiber because a person does not eat other normal nutritional foods that contain fiber. Lack of fiber results in cancer in the digestive system. Mostly chips and fries contain a high amount of salt. This increase salivation and secretion of enzymes that increase the desire for these types of food so high amount of sodium salts altered sodium-potassium of body cause hypertension. Blood is filtered by kidney so if blood contain more toxins that will cause different problems.

Type 2 Diabetes and peptic ulcer

High sugar level cause spikes in blood sugar and high spikes in blood sugar cause type 2 diabetes. Obesity can also cause type 2 diabetes. Chips, Salted snakes, and pizzas contain high amount of salt (sodium) content that can cause peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract which usually high acidic and painful.


Junk food is highly used all over the world. Junk food has high calories but less dietary nutrients. Some junk food contains high nutrients and calories such as pizza, fishes etc. Mostly children become addictive to this food which results in less consumption of normal nutritive food that can affect our body.


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