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Privacy Policy understands your concerns about privacy. We respect your privacy choices and give you full control of all the information that we collect. Following is an overview of our Privacy Policy:

  • What information we collect about you

  • What choices do you have about your information

  • How we use information

  • How and with whom we share this info

  • How we protect your information

  • How to contact us with questions

Information we collect

We collect your personal information such as your name, email address and health information in the following ways;

  • When your register your profile

  • When your subscribe to our newsletter

  • When you comment on page or participate in community

  • When you use our tools such menstruation calendar and BMI Calculator etc.

Choices you have

if you don't want us to collect your this information than do not register on the website and tools that require require your personal information. Most of the browsers provide control to reject the cookies from any website. You may use this feature to block 3rd-party companies that serves ads on our website.

How we use that information

  • Administer your account

  • Provide access to particular tools and services

  • Respond your queries

  • Statistically analyse user behaviour and activity.

  • Provide you with content and advertisements according to your interest.

  • Send you personalized emails containing announcements, news and health related content.

With whom we share doesn't share your personal information with your permission but we do provide to comply with legal requirements such as law, warrant or court orders.

How We Secure 

We secure your data with technical, physical and administrative safeguards.


If you any any questions or queries then feel free to contact us here


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