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Style Guide

Keep the following points in mind to write a well-optimized article
Focus Keyword
Decide a focus keyword on which you are going to write, it must be a single word such as “Diabetes” or “Diabetes Mellitus”.
Title must have following features
  • 5-7 Letters in Length
  • Must Contain the “Focus Keyword” in it
  • It must be simple
  • It must create curiosity
  • Must tell something about the article
Send us the Description of your post in 156 Characters, It must also contain the Focus Keyword. This must be not same as the article body text.
Article Body
The body of the article must have following features
  • Average length is 1000 Words, Articles shorter than 500 words will be rejected* immediately
  • Article must contain the Focus Keyword 4-5 times.
  • Stick to the point and don’t repeat things.
  • Use Underline, Bold and Italic for important points in the article to make more reader-friendly
  • Quote the important sayings in the article of the scientist
  • Videos, Images make the article more interesting
  • Use proper captions of images, tables and illustrations that you will use.
  • Make Short Paragraphs, Add heading and Bullets Points
  • Must add an introductory paragraph.
  • Be polite and Formal while writing
  • Try not to leave your article incomplete, Must write a concluding paragraph and ask your readers to leave some feedback also.
Writing a good article requires a good research first. The resource that you should use must not be scientifically ambiguous or containing falsified facts, don’t use the WikiPedia ever.
Includes the links, of names of reference books and papers at the bottom of your article.

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